about us
My name is Tiziano Spagnolatti and on this website you can see my graphic works, my drawings, portraits and paintings, created with traditional or digital techniques.

I work as a freelance and beside graphic design, I deal with web design & development. (Please visite my other site advancedweb.ch)

ArtisticDesign.ch has been on the market for seven years. Through the years it improved the wide range of offered services and confirmed the outstanding quality and precision of the delivered works.
My aesthetic feeling deriving from my passion for painting and drawing, bring me to scrupulously care for any tiny detail in every work I do, as if they were all pieces of art: hence the name Artistic Design.

Our services:
Various drawings or portraits created with different techniques.
Creation of paintings with traditional or digital techinques.
Creation of photographic mosaics.
graphic design
Graphic for brochures, flyers, posters, visit cards, etc.
Vector illustrations for various uses.
photo retouching
Retouching of pictures to correct imperfections, flaws or aging, and photomontages.

I dedicate regulary part of my time to study and improvement of my know-how. By doing this you are surely beeing offered an efficient and high-quality service.

Following you can find a list of my skills:

html, xhtml, css, php, wordpress, drupal, photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, fireworks, flash, indesign, final cut, dvd studio pro, after effects, garage band, logic pro