Old pictures can be of great sentimental value. Unfortunately, time leaves its mark and very often the negatives are no longer useable.
However, we can erase possible scratches and wrinkles and through a very careful retouching process, we can renovate ruined parts, thereby achieving a high quality repaired product.
If you want to inject colour into your old black-and-white pictures, or revive other faded ones, we can help you in giving them back their lively colour.
With this system even your oldest pictures will get back their vitality.

Our retouching doesn’t stop there. To obtain a perfect portrait photograph, it is often necessary to correct other imperfections on the original pictures (such as unwanted reflections, red-eye effect, lines, skin imperfections, etc.).

The high quality of our work, whilst impressive, will always leave the results realistic. In fact, when compared with the original picture, the retouching is almost always imperceptible.

Besides photo reouching we also perform photomontages. Eg. we can change the background of your picture, we can add or remove certain elements, or combine your image with other contents.

Artisticdesign does:
Remove traces of time from old-aged pictures
Color your old black/white pictures
Correct defects on photo portraits (red eyes effect, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.)
Make a wide range of photomontages

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